Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Space probes/satellites: Advantages and disadvantages

Space Probes/Satellites are the next step in the NASA program concentration. With satellites and probes traveling to the outer reaches of our solar system to study black wholes, to the examination of the meteorites to determine if they have the same planetary make up as earth. To learn more about Mars, its past and to maybe be on its surface in the future. Learning more about the universe in a way to spark the next great step in space exploration.
*Exploration and new knowledge of the universe
*Can look for a life sustaining planet or one that was in the past
*By using the technology and knowledge of the scientists we are aware of different affects of what we do on earth and how it could affect the bigger atmosphere around us.
*The continued thought in the future of a manned flight to Mars.
* Progresses NASA forward instead of backwards since the shut down of their manned space program.

*Expensive for different missions that do not seem to be linked, as if the probes are just a way of satifying curiosity.
*A large portion of the Scientists for the Space program were retired do to cuts
*The controversy of the continued research not really being ethically or socially accepted in some areas.
*The long wait duration for each mission.
* The next step in space exploration is still not defined.

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